Seizmik Full Size Ranger Versa-Flip Windshield
Part #25006

Diesel Ranger Full-Size 4x4  2011-14
500 Ranger Full-Size 4x4  2010
570 Ranger Full-Size 4x4 Old Body Style     2016
800 Ranger Full-Size 4x4  2010-14
800 Ranger Full-Size 6x6  2010-14
800 Ranger Full-Size 4x4 Crew  2010-13
800 Ranger Full-Size 4x4 Crew  2014-14
Does not fit 2009 Ranger, 2013+ 900 w/ Pro Fit Cabs
If you do not know if you have a full size please call or email


Installs easily with basic hand tools and no drilling required
Steel header panel for added stability and reduction of wind intrusion
Quickly configured on the fly without tools
QuikFit Straps

All hardware stays on the roll cage regardless of configuration
High performance split windshield design allows the rider to configure the windshield based on weather conditions or driver preference
Versa-Flip has 3 configurations: upper, lower and full
Use just the upper windshield for dusty trails because it pressurizes the cab, keeping out dust while allowing air into the cab
Configure just the lower windshield to force the air down, out of the riders face
Full windshield for full protection of the elements
Plastic hinge holds two pieces together
Integrated rubber bumpers keep pieces from rubbing together
Clamps with ball studs ensure that windshield stays in place even over rough terrain
Minimizes airflow into occupants face in all 3 configurations
Trailerable to 65 mph
Constructed of .220” Hard-Coated Polycarbonate

Works with OEM roofs and nearly every aftermarket roof
Works with nearly all soft and hard tops and Seizmik ® accessories
Fits with Pure Polaris Tops

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Seizmik Full Folding Versa-Flip Hard-Coated Poly Windshield for Full Size Ranger

  • Brand: Seizmik
  • Product Code: 25006
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $549.99
  • $522.49

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